Beaumont Technical Services

The Beaumont Centenary

Following Michael Beaumont's relocation to Guernsey and after six very successful years, Beaumont Technical Services is changing its strategy and will now only undertake works in the UK which include the supply of goods and / or site works.

All other work will be undertaken by Beaumont Specialist Contracting a Guernsey-registered company.

Beaumont Technical Services will continue to provide both past and new clients with all the expertise they require. We carry out inspections and maintenance work, supply products and provide skilled operatives.

Wherever specialist chimney skills are required, Beaumont Technical Services provides the necessary technical expertise, labour and services, both directly and in association with specialist sub-contractors.

The company holds drawings, dating back to 1947, for chimneys produced by Beaumont Technical Services, F E Beaumont and Beaumont Specialist Fabrications.

Beaumont Technical Services has a pedigree in the world of chimneys that can be traced back through the Beaumont family to 1876.

That's over 140 years of expertise and satisfied clients.

Industrial Steel Chimney Suspended Industrial Steel Chimney Steel chimney with cranes
  Picture by Dave Willis